The AL series electric motors excel in their construction and workmanship

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AL series electric motors are a very popular choice and, thanks to their modern concept and quality workmanship, they are at the top of their category. These electric motors are available with an output of up to 22 kW, making them suitable for a wide range of common and industrial applications. We will introduce you to three models of AL series electric motors with a speed of 3,000 rpm.

electric motors
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If you are looking for a reliable power source, the AL series electric motor with3,000 rpm. may be the right solution for you. Literally unique in the class of compact electric motors, thanks to which you can rely on their long service life and extremely high reliability. In particular, these are precisely shaped steel covers, a reinforced rotor cage, a metal terminal box and reinforced bearings, which are far from standard in this performance class of electric motors. Thanks to the reinforced bearings, you can count on a service life of up to around 20,000 operating hours.

Let’s take a closer look at three selected models of electric motors from this class and the possibilities of their practical use.

» AL electric motor with an output of 3 kW «

The 3 kW AL series electric motor is an affordable drive solution. It is a choice with a perfect price-performance ratio. The 3 kW electric motor is available in seven different mounting versions (flanges, feet, feet). The efficiency of this three-phase electric motor reaches up to 87%.

» AL electric motor with an output of 4 kW «

The three-phase electric motor 4 kW of the AL series is suitable for common applications, which, however, require a drive with maximum reliability. The 4 kW electric motor will take care of the reliable drive of your equipment, its efficiency reaches 100% 60 Hz to 88.5%.

» AL electric motor with an output of 5.5 kW « 

The two-pole three-phase electric motor 5.5 kW of the AL series already offers maximum torque at the level of 17.89 Nm and efficiency at 60 Hz at the level of 89.5%. Like the rest of this series, the 5.5 kW electric motor can be made exactly to your installation requirements.

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